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What is Wordfaire?

Wordfaire is a liveblogging platform that's built from the ground up for easy writing and real-time reading.

What is it for?

That's up to you, actually. People are using it to liveblog conferences, press releases, awards ceremonies, sports, wars and disasters; even as a public address system for teachers and a website status board. What will you do with it?

Isn't Twitter the same thing?

No, Twitter is geared towards sending short messages to a social circle, while Wordfaire is more suited to journalist - type updates and photos of what's going on.

What about a normal blog?

Editing a normal blog continuously is frustrating, not to mention the fact that your readers need to keep refreshing the page to see what you've written. Running a live blog on Wordfaire gives you a faster and easier way.

Can I embed by liveblog?

That's what Wordfaire is meant for - you can now liveblog on your own website with minimal changes. We're currently testing this in beta, so look at the documentation. All you need to do is include a script on your page - it will stream your live blog into whichever part of your site you want, with your own styling. We don't like big ugly widgets that can't be customized.

Can I monetize my liveblog?

Yes, but not yet. As soon as we're eligible, we'll apply for inclusion into the Google AdSense API. This will allow us to split ad revenues on your live blog with you. The cut isn't final yet, but you can expect a 70/30 split. You get 70%, of course.

Is it really free?

Absolutely. We might be putting up (very tasteful) ads to pay the bills, though. You can choose to either get a share of the revenue or pay a small premium to remove them. Otherwise, we only charge you if you want to embed a Wordfaire blog on your own site.