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10:33 AM on Wednesday, March 27

Things that Make the Yangtze River a Top Tourist Spot in China
A cruise on the sea can be a paradoxical experience for some people – especially because of seasickness. But when it comes down to taking a cruise on a river then the scenario just gets way better and safer. But not every boat trip or cruise becomes exciting or memorable because to make it either one, you have to choose the river carefully. This is where a river like the Yangtze comes up so great. So, what is so great about the Yangtze? It’s just a river, right? Well, if such thoughts come across your mind then forget that because the Yangtze isn’t just your usual river – it’s so much more than that. It’s not just famous because it is one of the longest rivers in the world but it has also some other features that makes it one of the top tourist spots in China. Want to know what these features are? Just read on then.
The Longest River in China
The Yangtze River is not only one of the longest rivers in the whole globe but this is also the longest river in China. In miles, it has a length of 3,964 miles which is really amazing. When a river becomes such a long one, you often ask yourself “what if I could tour the whole river” kind of questions which often comes down to a single temptation – to take a cruise on the Yangtze! But that mostly happens to the locals – by which the finger is pointed toward the inhabitants of China, not just toward the riverside people. However, when the reputation of being the longest river comes up on a global scale – the Yangtze River stands proudly as the third longest river in the world. The river ranks just below the Nile and the Amazon which makes it kind of a hot tourist spot to the travelers worldwide. Therefore, just combine these two reasons – the national and global reputation of the mighty Yangtze and you will understand why this river attracts thousands of tourists each year!
The Largest Dam in the World
One of the most remarkable features of the Yangtze is that this river is home to the largest dam project in the world – which is known as the Three Gorges Dam. You have heard of the Three Gorges, right? Well, if you haven’t then this is your chance to know. It is not just a dam, but it is also a hydroelectric power station which is also recognized as the largest hydroelectric power station in the globe. Being the largest facility of hydroelectric power of the world and of course, by extension of whole China – this power station stands as a very important foundation for modern China. This is also why the Yangtze is a top tourist spot in this country. After knowing this fact, don’t you even feel a little more enthusiasm to see this river?
The Mother of Many Rivers in China
Being the longest river in the country, it was bound to happen as we all know that most of the rivers are connected one way or the other. So, when you know that the Yangtze is the mother of most of the rivers in China that news doesn’t sound like a ‘Newsflash’, right? Well, however it may sound like, but the thing is as the Yangtze is the primary water source of the other major rivers like the Min River, Gan River, Jialing River, Han River and Huangpu River – this becomes very much important as far as the water supplies of the country is concerned. Truly so, this mighty Yangtze is actually the primary source of water system that provides water all across the country. Doesn’t it seem pretty fascinating?
A Line that Divides the Country
Okay, when we say that the Yangtze ‘divides’ the country that doesn’t mean that it actually causes any sort of separation or anything. This ‘division’ is also not really concrete – rather hypothetical because the Yangtze is commonly regarded as a line that separates North China from South China. On second thought, it is also not entirely right to call this ‘division’ a purely hypothetical one. The main reason for this is that the climate, culture and economy of both the North and South China differ greatly from one side to another. Maybe it is partly due to the great Yangtze that stands between these two sides that creates the difference in a mysterious, passive way but there is no way we can be sure of that. All it does is to leave us wondering about it.
A River that Runs Along the Major Cities of China
This is an interesting fact regarding the Yangtze. It’s that this river runs along some of the major cities of China – such as Shanghai, Wuxi, Yangzhou, Nanjing, Chongqing etc. These are some of the greatest and most important cities in China – be it historically, culturally or economically. The most interesting part is, all of these cities can be visited if you take a cruise on this river. So, what do you think? Will you go for it?