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02:39 PM on Sunday, March 13

So what's next on Wordfaire?
In the course of writing a liveblog, it's fairly common to use it for covering different events at different times. As a writer, it is possible to create a new blog for each event, but that's an unnecessary waste of time and quickly leads to too many blogs to keep track of.

This is where segments come in. A segment is just a portion of your liveblog that you can either display (or for publishers, embed) separately. The easiest way to define a segment would be by just choosing a start and an end time - which would normally correspond with the start and end of the event. It should also be possible to add a tag filter to this, so you could have segment of posts between a start and end time which have a certain tag (or tags).

Say you're covering the Oscars - just create a segment for posts between 9PM and 11PM on that date, maybe with the #oscars tag. That's it. You've got your own Academy Awards liveblog :D

Stay tuned for updates.