International Migrants Day Liveblog

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05:13 PM on Tuesday, December 18

See migrants' real life stories via #wearemigrants on Twitter.

05:06 PM on Tuesday, December 18

Check out the video highlights of the launch of Migrants Rights' international 'Our Day' campaign, celebrating the contribution of migrants and promoting their rights and interests.

04:41 PM on Tuesday, December 18

Scottish leaders praise migrants' "positive contribution" to local communities and economies.

02:48 PM on Tuesday, December 18

Haaretz reports record levels of violence against African migrants in Israel in 2012:

In May, a demonstration against immigration to Israel turned violent: "Demonstrators attacked African passersby while others lit garbage cans on fire and smashed car windows."

02:43 PM on Tuesday, December 18

"Dignity has no nationality" - A Migrant Manifesto from Musa Okwonga @okwonga

01:11 PM on Tuesday, December 18

Al Jazeera tells the story of Filipino migrant workers in pictures. 10% of Filipinos work abroad as migrants:

01:00 PM on Tuesday, December 18

Slightly belated, but Human Rights Group Amnesty yesterday condemned the "widespread and endemic" exploitation of migrant workers in Italy on Monday

12:54 PM on Tuesday, December 18

An interesting piece on the role of migrants in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from Sceme magazine:

12:46 PM on Tuesday, December 18

The Rural Media Company has made a series of films with migrants to Herefordshire to mark the day. Viewable here:

12:43 PM on Tuesday, December 18

Ban Ki Moon's message for the day highlights the role of migrants (and ease with which they are forgotten) in troubled economic times: "During economic downturns, it is worth remembering that whole sectors of the economy depend on migrant workers and migrant entrepreneurs help to create jobs."

12:41 PM on Tuesday, December 18

December 18 is the UN's international migrant day! Welcome to our liveblog on what's going on around the world.