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When students are invested in their education, they are motivated. What if students designed their own schools? Click the link below:

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Four Ways Teachers Can Show Care

1) Know your students and their lives. Studies show that cultural misunderstanding between teachers and students can have negative impacts on students’ educational experience. Teachers who visit students’ homes and spend time in their communities develop a deep awareness of students’ challenges and needs and are better able to help them.

2) Listen to students. Listening well equals understanding and meaning behind what students are saying. As well, the teacher who does this affirms that they understand them properly. Affirming this respect develops a trusting relationship between teachers and students.

3) Seek feedback from students. Feedback consideration helps students realize that the teacher values students' opinions and experiences. And this creates a culture where students feel safe to ask questions/take chances. Students who are communicators are successful in school and work.

4) Reflect on experience with discretion. Be careful. Do not care for others the way you've been cared for—for better or worse. Making assumptions the child’s background based on one's own childhoods may lead to mismatched care for the student's needs.

To Inspire Students, However, Teachers Must Build Curiosity

Curiosity engages students and a good teacher does not solely impart information. A good teacher wakes up imaginations and fires the students' desires to learn more through these actions:

  1. Leaving out some of the information to encourage students to find the rest.
    2. Bringing video clips/photographs to the class.
    3. Assigning hands on projects.
    4. Assigning researching teams to find out more.
    5. Bringing in a professional guest speaker regarding the subject.
    6. Reading varied topic excerpts to discuss issues/topics of interest.

So What Else Inspires Students?

A teacher who teaches by example. A patient and understanding teacher teaches students poise, self-control, and compassion.

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Teachers who inspire provide a life time of interest in education. My lesson plans, linked to Teachers Pay Teachers, will help you achieve this goal.

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